How to distinguish between litchi noodles, smooth noodles and fire noodles?

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( 1) There are several kinds of stone surface: machine planed surface, fire burned surface, litchi surface machine, smooth surface;

(2) The smooth surface is easy to understand, that is, the polished surface of the stone;

(3) Litchi noodle: the litchi noodle machine is composed of dense pits formed by beating with a sharp hammer. Of course, the thickness needs to be increased or it will break.

(4) Burnt surface: the surface of stone is burnt with fire, and the cracked surface is uneven, which is mainly used for anti-skid

(5) Machine planing: the stone planing machine planes the stones into regular grooves, which plays an anti-skid role. It is generally used in outdoor stairs, sidewalks and other places that need anti-skid.