What materials are generally used for polishing grinding heads

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Polishing grinding head is the general name of a small grinding tool with handle, which is applied to electric mill, hanging mill and hand electric drill. There are many kinds of ceramic grinding heads, mainly including: ceramic grinding head, rubber grinding head, diamond grinding head, abrasive cloth grinding head and other ceramic grinding heads: l grain size sand (generally brown corundum, white steel jade, chromium corundum, silicon carbide) is sintered from ceramic bond, with metal handle in the center. It mainly grinds all kinds of metals, used for grinding the inner wall of the hole diameter and modifying the mold.

Rubber polishing grinding head: fine grain sand is combined with rubber bond to polish the mold.
Abrasive cloth grinding head: multiple rectangular abrasive cloth pieces bonded around the metal handle. The particle size is generally 60 \320\.

Diamond polishing grinding head: a grinding tool for non-metallic materials such as stone and porcelain materials, in particular to a grinding tool with diamond alloy as the grinding body, which includes a substrate and several grinding bodies, wherein several grinding bodies are fixed in the substrate with gaps, and the grinding bodies are also arranged with gaps on the grinding surface of the grinding head, wherein, the substrate is preferably made of adhesive materials with certain toughness, and the grinding body is preferably made of diamond alloy materials, The utility model has the advantages of high grinding performance, simple manufacture, low cost, high grinding quality and being suitable for large-scale grinding.